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It Takes Two

Who are we?


We’re Deirdre & Debbie, two Irish women with a passion for style. We believe in the transformative power of dressing to your advantage, and it’s ability to empower your life, boost your confidence and simplify your day. 


We bring different but complementary skill sets to the table.  Debbie is a qualified personal stylist and Deirdre a colour analyst. Together we ensure all your style bases are covered. 


We’ve both been living in Belgium for many years.  Before setting up The Happy Closet, we had corporate careers. Debbie worked as a software engineer while Deirdre is a chartered accountant.


At the core of our business is the belief that how you dress should make you feel good about yourself.


The Happy Closet is all about understanding how to dress in a way that suits your body, lifestyle and budget.

Working with us is a fun, enjoyable, confidence-building experience.

Our approach is practical and honest.

We’re passionate about what we do and we deliver excellent client service, always.

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