Taking the time and energy to find clothes to suit me is really not my thing. However, thanks to The Happy Closet I have found my solution!

Having started with a wardrobe consultation with Debbie and Deirdre, I now understand what cuts and colours suit me.  I followed up with a shopping session which was a really enjoyable and efficient experience. We found new pieces which work well with my existing wardrobe, giving my old clothes a new lease of life! SINEAD : JUNE 2019

I got in touch with Debbie and Deirdre because I wanted to smarten up my image for a new job and after having a second child. I certainly got this – and far more. The wardrobe detox was a revelation, helping me to put together a capsule wardrobe from the clothes I already had and clear out ones that didn’t suit me. I could then add missing pieces with a personal shopping session, including some really great shoes! My personal analysis report means I now know what to buy in future, and which colours and shapes suit me best. It has been great fun and a very empowering experience. I am now confident that I look good each day and I don’t need to spend time in the morning figuring out what to wear. Already looking forward to shopping for the next season! SUSAN:MAY2109


After a style consultation and a shopping session with Debbie and Deirde, I can say I fully recommend The Happy Closet! I have learned a lot about the colours and shapes that suit me and I know better how to combine the clothes that I have. Because of my heavy schedule I have very little patience when it comes to shopping. The shopping tour with Debbie and Deirde was an incredibly efficient and also fun way to give my professional wardrobe a boost. A big thank you to both of you! REBECCA: APRIL 2019


I have just been shopping for the 3rd season with The Happy Closet. This may seem extravagant but I really don’t enjoy shopping on my own and find the time with them to be fun and both time and cost efficient. What I pay them in fees is saved many times over by Debbie and Deirdre helping me to choose carefully - no mistakes are made:-).  I come home happy with clothes that suit me and that I love to wear. They have helped me to identify my style and also now know the clothes I own, so we select things together which maximise the versatility of my wardrobe.  Looking forward to shopping with them next season already.  


Debbie & Deirdre, Thank you for today. What a lot of lovely clothes. Boots already been complemented. Can’t wait to wear the rest of it. Some new looks for me which is what I am looking for and confidence to go in new shops. HELEN BRAY: DECEMBER 2018

A big Thank You to Debbie and Deirdre for a great experience. I decided to take the whole package with wardrobe analysis, personal analysis and a personal shopping session, and for me it was well worth it! Shopping has never felt so stress-free, I’m more confident about what items to go for in future, and have a wardrobe I’m now happy about.  Thanks again Happy Closet! ERIKA ERIKSSON: NOVEMBER 2018

I called Debbie and Deirdre because I felt like I was  wearing the same things all the time and wanted some help to look more elegant and stylish.  My wardrobe is full of clothes but I probably used 5% of it 95% of the time (even less than the 80-20 rule!) . For my work I have to wear comfortable shoes and clothes so jeans and sneakers had become my easy-everyday-uniform and I felt I was not making any effort to change.

After the first introductory meeting we met to go through my wardrobe and Debbie and Deirdre helped me look at my clothes, shoes and accessories from a totally new perspective. It was such a good experience because they made me realise I had already a lot to wear (some of which completely forgotten!) and only needed a few extra items  to allow me to create several  new looks. For example I had a lot of trousers that I was not wearing because I was missing the right type of shoes to go along. 

After our session I received a booklet containing advice on which colours to wear and which to avoid, a customized look-book with endless combinations of my existing clothes and the new items, suggestions (with links to the web-shops) to the clothes or accessories to complement my existing wardrobe and a lot of other advice ranging from make up to accessories. 

I refer to it all the time and now I look forward to getting dressed rather than staring at my clothes with no inspiration. 

What I particularly liked was the attention Debbie and Deirdre put in understanding my lifestyle and coming up with new ideas that are easy to implement, are in line with who I am and yet push me slightly out of my comfort zone which, as we know, is where the magic happens. Debbie and Deidre, thank you so much and you will be seeing me wearing lipstick more often! ;)  FRANCESCA PUCCIO owner and founder Standing Renovation: OCTOBER 2018


First and foremost I very much enjoyed getting to know you and cooperating with you. I thought that you were very attentive, positive and efficient.  I think that the pieces that we selected are a very good addition to my wardrobe and encourage me to make more of myself.  The shops you took me to were very well suited to my financial possibilities and my likings.

Be assured that I have recommended you to some of my friends! And I am dreaming of going on another shopping trip with you in spring;)

Thank you again for your fantastic help.  LENA: SEPTEMBER 2018

Thank you very much for your time and effort to help me to figure out my personal style.

I contacted you with a goal to create a style and to make the capsule wardrobe. I still think I am at the beginning of my process to create the complete capsule wardrobe as it takes much more time than we had however our work set up the solid base line. We managed to study my lifestyle and my future plans, you helped me to understand my preferable colors and shapes, we reviewed my current wardrobe and we did the shopping tour. I really liked your approach the whole way, it was easygoing and relaxed and fun. We have been very time efficient, also I really appreciated your punctuality.  Now I feel more comfortable in choosing items in shops and I started to enjoy the combination exercises.  You also got me inspired to study more about styles myself. I might come back to you to do the summer capsule:) ALEKSANDRA : SEPTEMBER 2018


Thanks to the Happy Closet’s practical and friendly advice I am much more confident shopping for clothes. I’ve a better idea of colour and styles to go for and I’m less inclined to impulse buy.  Debbie and Deirdre gave me really sound advice and helped me take a fresh look at my wardrobe. It was great fun doing the sort out with them. I ended up with a wardrobe of clothes I actually enjoy wearing and I got rid of the items that had been hanging around unworn or rarely worn. They also gave great tips on what shops to go to in Brussels for clothes and shoes. DEIRDRE : JULY 2018

I've had a dilemma in recent years that I suspect is common to a lot of men.  On one hand, I've come to appreciate the importance of looking good in sharp, well-fitting clothes.  On the other hand, I hate to shop and it is the last thing I want to do with my time.  The Happy Closet was the perfect solution.  Debbie and Deirdre helped overhaul my wardrobe and I could not be more pleased with the result.  Deirdre's color recommendations were spot on, and Debbie led me through the most efficient and effective shopping experience I have ever had.  I strongly recommend The Happy Closet. DAN : JUNE 2018


"The Happy Closet "process" gave me a true injection of energy and self-confidence, and was the best investment in a long time.  After concentrating on my young daughter and work for the past four years or so, I had pretty much lost interest in how I look and dress.  The personal analysis was very complete and valuable, and many things "clicked".  Debbie and Deirdre also helped me understand why I wear some things, and some not (because they are simply not my colour or style/cut), and this made it much easier to purge items from my wardrobe that were just sitting there year after year.   I am actually excited of choosing what to wear each morning, rather then seeing it as a necessity and just picking up what is at the top of the pile.  Thank you Debbie and Deirdre, I will be certainly back to ask for help for going through my winter clothes!!"  ULLA :  MAY 2018


"I have always been impressed by the grace, style and sophistication of Debbie and Deirdre.  When they began fashion consulting, I knew immediately it was something I was interested in.  With an upcoming move to a new country and climate, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to fine tune and re-create a new image for myself.  After my sessions with the 2 of them, I feel I am ready to embrace the style that I feel truly speaks to who I am. ”​   JEN : APRIL 2018

"With a landmark birthday approaching and a work wardrobe in dire need of refreshing, I contacted the Happy Closet. Debbie and Deirdre’s warm, friendly and professional approach really delivered what I hoped for from an initial consultation to a very productive and enjoyable shopping trip. The clothes they helped chose were spot on - making me feel stylish & elegant - a real confidence boost. They listened, understood what was needed and prepared well so that the shopping was effective and hassle free for me. Highly recommended. "    ALISON : APRIL 2018

"Having had some consultations with Debbie and Deirdre, I have started to shop clothes with more care and awareness: I have started to create ‘my style’, to put a personal touch choosing my clothes. As well, I have started to invest in better quality. Debbie and Deirdre “rescued” several pieces in my wardrobe, which I planned to get rid of – just pointing out how to match those with other items. I am most thankful to their advice and tips!  "  ULLA : MARCH 2018

"I would highly recommend a visit to Debbie and Deirdre. I learnt lots about how to best dress for my shape and about different cuts, prints and materials that suit me. I received great advise about colours and contrast and I love the shops that were recommended for me. I even found my new go to jeans and spent 20 mins buying two pairs of jeans rather than my normal half a day. I love my personal analysis report and my style crush. As an added bonus Debbie and Deirdre are a total pleasure to deal with.  " TANYA : MARCH 2018

"I can thoroughly recommend The Happy Closet - not only are Debbie and Deirdre two of the most stylish ladies you will ever meet but they are so lovely too! I asked them to carry out the personal analysis and also to come and look through my wardrobe to see which pieces work best and also how to combine pieces together to make an outfit. The whole experience was great fun and I picked up so many top tips that I would never have thought about. If, like me, you would like to be more confident in your clothing choices (and in my case maybe even get excited about shopping!) then I would really encourage you to ask The Happy Closet to help you. Your life will be so beautifully simplified, knowing that everything in your wardrobe is in a colour and a style to suit you! "  JULIA :  FEBRUARY 2018

"This service has been proven to be an investment to my time and health.  By teaching me about the colors and styles that work best for me, Debbie and Deirdre have transformed the way I shop.  I feel focused, confident and excited to wear my new updated look.  You are in good hands with Debbie and Deirdre.  They are well informed, gentle, kind and overall a lot of fun to be around. "  JENNIFER : DECEMBER 2017