I would like to thank you very much for creating the style club!

After the first call I felt great as the group consists of women who are so different and similar at the same time. This is really motivating and uplifting.  We will gain from each other's experiences and each other's questions as well as of course our time with you.

I like that we will have this feeling - motivation again and again. LINDA K : JANUARY 2021

I truly enjoyed attending The Happy Closet Workshop.  I'm usually overwhelmed by all of the options, styles and colors available in today's fashion -- leaving me to default to basic black.  Debbie and Deirdre gave me straightforward, actionable advice that helps me focus on what compliments my face and figure.  Plus, listening to the other participants reassured me that I'm not alone!  KIM S. : OCT 2020

Een kast tjokvol kleren, maar je toch elke ochtend pijnigend afvragen wat je nu weer zal dragen om dan toch maar in die jeans te stappen met dezelfde trui. En dan blijven shoppen omdat je "niets hebt om aan te trekken"... Klinkt wellicht bij velen bekend in de oren. Maar er is iets aan te doen: Debbie en Deirdre van The Happy Closet bellen! We konden snel een afspraak maken en hadden naast een gezellige voormiddag ook heel wat werk verricht! Ze stelden tientallen outfits voor me samen, allemaal uit mijn eigen kleerkast op wonderlijke wijze onttrokken door D&D. Bleek dat er best good stuff in zat dat een professioneel team zoals D&D moeiteloos naar een hoger niveau kon tillen. Het bezorgde me tijdswinst (sneller outfits samenstellen, minder gaan shoppen), inspiratie (kleuren matchen, heerlijk!), minder geldverspilling én, above all, een goed gevoel over hoe ik eruit zie.  NATHALIE DE BOELPAP : SEPT 2020

I had a lovely time meeting you and the session was not only fun, but also immensely helpful!!

The style notes and recommendations and your comments from yesterday really give me all the elements to perfect my style & own it!   I will never shop the same way again - I finally know what to look for :) IOANA L. : JUNE 2020

Een relaxe ochtend op het einde van de winter met Debbie en Deirdre met een succesvol resultaat: een ordelijke kleerkast, 2 stapels met kleding om weg te doen en een lijstje met wat we zullen shoppen om de kleerkast aan te vullen en zo meer te kunnen mixen en matchen. Beide dames zijn er helemaal voor mij en geven heel praktische tips en leren me slim te combineren. Ook tijdens de shopping bezorgden ze me een warm gevoel en gingen efficiënt en hartelijk te werk. Ze kennen hun vak en de investering betaalt zich meteen terug door goede en kwalitatieve, betaalbare aankopen. ELKE : FEBRUARY 2020

Having returned from maternity leave and feeling frumpy in my old clothes, I was so lucky to find Deirdre and Debbie. After six hours with the two of them, I have learned to say good bye to worn out, formerly loved pieces of clothing and rediscovered some style and confidence with my new capsule wardrobe. I can't wait for the new season to start (and will continue making space in the wardrobe), so the two can help me update my spring and summer looks. Thank you for putting the fun back into getting dressed in the morning! ANNIKA : DECEMBER 2019

The Happy Closet Style Night is such a great way to spend an evening with a bunch of friends – I cant recommend it highly enough.  Great tailored advice and tips, a huge confidence boost and a fabulous way to spend an evening.  The service that Debbie and Deirdre provide is about so much more than the clothes and the colours.  Its gets to the core of the person and gives you the tools to look and feel fantastic. We all left the evening with a spring in our step, buzzing with new found enthusiasm to tackle our wardrobes to (re)discover styles + colours that suit us and help us be the best version of ourselves….not bad for a bunch of middle aged mums SINEAD : NOVEMBER 2019

Deirdre and Debbie, thank you! In three hours in various changing rooms we achieved a lot and I went home with a number of new items that constitute in themselves a capsule wardrobe but also match with clothes I already owned. Not only do I feel pretty wearing them but I also get a lot of compliments. How stylish or classy I look but also on how well the colours suit me and how well I am wearing it (shirt or blouse tucked in and the big belt make a big difference). ANNA : OCTOBER 2019


"I wanted to reduce the amount of clothes in my wardrobe, wanted to create a capsule wardrobe particularly for my professional work environment, and update some pieces based on what looks best for me. D&D helped me by developing a Personal Analysis Report and then a LookBook with a capsule wardrobe section based on a number of discussions (one in person and two online). This gave me guidance that helped me achieve my goals. More importantly, they were supportive and gave me a great deal of confidence in terms of how I look. Thanks so much to both of you!"


If you are stuck in a style(ss) rut and need a hand to rediscover your shopping mojo, I couldn't recommend anyone more highly than Deirdre and Debbie. They provide simple, no nonsense guidance, that will make you look and feel a million dollars, rather than a rigid list of rules and restrictions. They've helped me to define my personal style, and brought joy and confidence back into my shopping sprees. A huge thank you, ladies!"   DELYTH : JULY 2019