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Our Personal Styling Services

Harnessing all our experience gained from dressing women over the past 8 years, we have developed highly successful personal styling programmes that deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We work with you to design, curate and develop your own personal style which not only makes you feel like the best version of yourself but which also works for the life you lead today. 


We advise, shop, dress and style you from head to toe. The result is a pared-back, flexible wardrobe that works for all occasions.

Our style transformation service short-cuts your success to feeling great about how you show up.  Sure, you could possibly do it yourself through trial and error but why waste all that time, money and effort?

If you're feeling stuck and that your style may even be holding you back from realising your full potential, why not contact us to see how we can help you?



 What you'll achieve 

Our style transformation service has the potential to impact your time, income, happiness, love life, health, security and your desire for a better life.

1 / A unique personal style

We work closely with you to develop your individual style that works hard for you, reflects who you are, what you like and how you live today.

2 / Effortless dressing

A wardrobe of wearable outfits ready for all occasions that suit your body shape, colouring, your lifestyle and your budget.

3 / Style confidence

Our clients experience a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm about their appearance, often for the first time. This kicks in from the very first appointment.

4 / Life-long knowledge on what suits

You’ll learn the styles, cuts, fabrics, colours and accessories that make you look your best along with the ones to avoid. You'll learn how to best style your own outfits so that you always look put together.

5 / Saved time, money and stress

No more decision fatigue trying to put outfits together that don't make you feel great. No more dreading that event because you don't know what to wear. No more wasting money on clothes that are never worn. An end to buyer's remorse. 

How we get you there

We help you design a personal style that represents who you are and how you live. Together we curate a capsule wardrobe and a signature style that works to present the best version of you. 

  • 1st session : A deep dive into who you are, how you live and what you like. We look at your current wardrobe to see what is and is not working for you and why.

  • 2nd session : A detailed presentation of our findings, suggestions, colour palettes and signature styles. 

  • 3rd session : Your personal shopping.: A very efficient 3-4 hour session where we will have pre-selected items for you to try.

  • 4th session : Outfit assembly and styling to ensure you’re all set. We photograph each outfit so that you have a reference guide of the outfits you love. 

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