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Making Style Easy

We offer a premium service to ambitious women who understand the impact their image makes on themselves, their careers and their relationships. We create versatile, wearable wardrobes full of ready to go outfits that reflect who our clients are,  how they live and where they're going. 

Read our testimonials below.

Deirdre Clehane Debbie Clerkin The Happy Closet Personal Stylists
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Does this resonate?


You’re successful in your career but feel that your style might be holding you back from getting to the next level

You want to look the part for the job you’re in or for the job you want

You don’t know what suits you, flatters your shape or looks good on you

You understand the importance of leveraging your style but don't have the time or wherewithal to do it on your own


You don't love your clothes and are ready to transform your style and feel good about how you show up


You’ve lost your style mojo or don’t know how to dress post-pandemic


You don’t enjoy shopping and don’t know where to find clothes that suit you


You don’t have much interest in fashion or style but realise that getting help in this area will address this quickly and effectively


You dream of having effortless style and confidence in your style choices but don’t know where to start

If any of these statements ring true we could be the perfect fit for you. 

Book a discovery call with Deirdre and learn how we can help.


Book a call with us to find out more

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"Wow! What an amazing experience.


Deirdre and Debbie are true professionals and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the experience. I was stuck in a rut with my style and they have helped me discover my signature style as well as making my everyday life easier.


The highlight was really the shopping day - Deirdre and Debbie turned normally a negative experience for me into something truly enjoyable.


I now have more confidence in how I dress and how to style myself in the future.



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